May 2019: Maria Hadden & Scott Waguespack

After the mayoral election, voters from Rogers Park to Roseland asked themselves: “Has reform finally come to Chicago?”

To answer that question, we turned to newly elected Alderwoman Maria Hadden & Alderman Scott Waguespack, the pride and joy of the 32nd ward.

Scott did such a good job of answering our questions that Mayor Lightfoot declared: “That’s it! I’m naming Scott chair of the Finance Committee!”

That prompted Mick to say: “That’s an outrage! Mayor’s shouldn’t get to make legislative appointments.”

To which Ben said: “Get over it already, man.”

To which Mick said: “Oh, look who’s talking about getting over it–Mr. TIF.”

Just another fun-filled night at First Tuesdays.

Enjoy the show…