February 2019: Heather Cherone & Maya Dukmasova

There were like a zillion candidates in the mayor’s race and all over Chicago voters were scratching their heads and saying, “Man, I don’t know who to vote for!”

No problem.

We brought Heather Cherone & Maya Dukmasova–two of Chicago’s brightest young journalism stars–to the stage.

When the show was over, voters were exclaiming: “Thank you First Tuesday–I’ve seen the light!”

Heather writes for the Daily Line, and Maya writes for the Reader.

We’d say enjoy the show–except there’s no show to enjoy. The weather forecasters were predicting an ice storm. And our intrepid video genius decided to stay at home where he was safe and sound. I’m not saying he’s a wimp, but…

It’s a shame cause what a show it was! Years from now, people will tell their grandkids: “I was there the night Ben & Mick talked politics with Heather & Maya.”