March 2017: Aldermen George Cardenas & Leslie Hairston

We had a great panel set up for the March 7th show–Aldermen George Cardenas and Leslie Hairston, talking all things Rahm, Rauner and Trump. The only problem–we had no one to record it!

Our usual filmmaker–Chris Buddy, the world’s greatest videographer–was out of town that night. In L.A., doing his thing.

For a moment, there was panic as it looked as though a great show would go unpreserved. And then up from the audience stepped Edbird Hoffman, volunteering to record from his usual seat in the front row, using his cell phone.

Edbird did such a great job that he’s now known as “Tangerine” Hoffman. That’s a nod to Tangerine, the movie that director Sean Baker filmed on his iPhone. (By the way, great flick–run, run to see it, if you haven’t already.)

Thanks, Edbird, for stepping up in the clutch. And thanks, Mr. Buddy, for posting it, when you returned from your travels. Enjoy the show…