September 2016: Delmarie Cobb, Kitty Kurth & Salim Muwakkil

On September 6, the joint was jumpin’ as we delved into the contentious topic of race & gender in the 2016 Presidential election. On stage to discuss the issue was an all-star panel–political strategists Delmarie Cobb and Kitty Kurth, and journalist Salim Muwakkil.

The show was a feisty one, especially when the subject turned to the media’s role in Donald Trump’s rise. Poor Mick had to defend the industry–no easy task. Let’s give him a rousing ovation for even trying.

On hand to capture the moment was Chris Buddy, who, as everyone knows, is the world’s greatest videographer. The great photographer Michelle Kanaar was snapping away.

On October 4, our guest will be Joe Berrios, Cook County Assessor and the Chairman of the Cook County Party.  See you then!


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