The Girl Talk

A lot of you may not realize this, but I was there at the moment of inception for The Girl Talk–the latest hit Tuesday night talk show at the Hideout.

It was after a First Tuesdays show. Probably February’s. But since I’m not sure–don’t quote me.

I was standing near the bar with Joanna Klonsky and Erika Wozniak who are, respectively, publicist and public school teacher extraordinaire.

And Joanna–who may have had a drink or two–said: Not to tell you how to do your show or anything, but you and Mick should have more women guests.

And Erika said: Fuckin’ aye!

And I said: Why, you little whippersnappers. If you want more women guests, host your own talk show!

And Joanna & Erika said in unison: Maybe we will, bitch!

Actually, I’m pretty sure I made up those last three sentences.

Anyway, there and then Erika and Joanna started devising a show in which women would be up on the Hideout stage talking about whatever they want to talk about.

Tim Tuten–co-owner of the Hideout–loved the idea. He even suggested a name: It’s That Time of the Month, period.

To which Joanna said: How dare you, a man, tell us, two women, what to call our show!

And Erika said: Yeah, that’s soooo mansplaining.

Then, after Tim had walked away, they admitted they wished they had thought of that name.

IMG_1992 (1)

From left to right: Joanna, Erika & Jen…


After a trial run last month, they decided to make what managers in baseball call a player switch.

They brought in Jen Sabella, who’s the editor at DNAinfo, as co-host. And they moved Joanna to the role of behind-the-scenes impresario.  A position every Tuesday night Hideout show should have.

On May 24, the had their first The Girl Talk with Erika & Jen co-hosting.

I got there early to get the best seats in the house–second row, center.

Let me tell you, folks. The show was sensational–very funny.

Their guests were Alderman Susan Sadlowski Garza and DNAinfo reporter Andrea “Scoop” Watson.

Think of it as a spicy, smarter version of The View.

They talked about their jobs, their bosses, the stupid sexist shit men do and other things women in a bar might want to discuss.

There were several references to vaginas–a subject Mick and I have yet to get around to.

They have this bit called Hot Topic, where they discuss whatever issue they’ve written on an index card and randomly drawn from a jar.

Before the show, Susan suggested the following topic: When did you lose your virginity?

Oh, those aldermen.


Hey, Tim: The next Hideout show should be Talking Sports with Benny & Raul!


That night’s hot topic was celebrity crushes.

It took all the restraint I could muster to keep from blurting out: Pam Grier!!!

Susan said: Johnny Depp.

Andrea said: Morris Chestnut–I love it when he takes off his shirt.

Jen said: Rachel Maddow.

And Erika said: Louis CK.

To which Susan said: Who?

And Erika said: You don’t know Louis CK? Girl, you gotta get out more.

Actually, I may have said that.

Erika said: He’s the red-headed comedian.

And Susan said: You mean, Carrot Top?

Alderman, you and I may be the only people in Chicago who remember Carrot Top.

After the show, I hung out in the beer garden, talking sports with Raul–the alderman’s husband. Cause that’s what guys do!

Their next show’s June 21 at 6:30. Be there or be square.

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